Pleasure Body Course



A 6 Month Online Live Journey to awaken your pleasure which is your birthright

Learn about pleasure that’s already within you and discover practical ways to access it in your daily life.

Month 1: Awakening the Body

Learning to sensitize your nervous system and bringing your feeling body online.

Month 2: Releasing Shame

Helping to identify and release shame and old conditioning through the body

Month 3: Sensual Aliveness

Inviting sensual pleasure to your daily life through your 5 senses.

Month 4: Desire&Creativity

Owning your hearts deepest desires and aligning your creative energy with your heart.

Month 5: Erotic Pleasure

Finding your unique erotic blueprint and expression

Month 6: Expanding your Pleasure Capacity

Learning how to generate and expand your capacity for more sensual and erotic energy.

What you will receive in each Module

• Lecture about the theme of the month

• Guided Feminine Embodiment Exercise

• Ritual to deepen each months theme

• Small Group Processes to connect heart, mind and body.

• Q&A to ask personal questions.

• 6 modules of live 4 hour online meetings and 6 live 1 hour check-in online meetings. (in between each module)

• Connection and Community

• Assigned Homework Practice

• A private moderated Facebook Group, you will have the opportunity to connect and share your journey through these 6 months.


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